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Pilates Teacher Training in Boca Raton

Change your career, change your body, change your life! Experience how becoming an Authentic Pilates teacher at Pilates Space Florida in Boca Raton will empower yourself and others!

Are You Ready to Share Your Passion for Pilates?

Our studio believes in excellence on all levels, our goal is to create well-rounded Pilates teachers who are competent, educated and able to work with clients of all ages, genders, and fitness levels. Teachers who continually strive to learn more and perfect their knowledge of Pilates as their craft. If you’re passionate about mastering Pilates and eager to make a lasting impact on the lives of others, start your Pilates career with the Authentic Pilates Teacher Training Program at Pilates Space Florida.

Comprehensive Program
Mat Work Program
Bridging Program

Learn to Teach Pilates the Authentic Way

Classical Pilates goes back to one source for us: Joseph H. Pilates

There are many ways to become a Pilates teacher, there are countless quick courses available that make you an instructor in one weekend.

But if you want to teach the true Pilates system on all apparatus, there is only one road to travel.

Joseph Pilates entrusted his work to Romana Kryzanowska, and we adhere to the method that was taught by her to her students for over 50 years.

In our training program you will learn every exercise on over 15 pieces of GRATZ® Pilates apparatus, your seminars will be taught by 2nd Generation teachers who studied with Romana and many other 2nd Generation Master teachers.

Over five seminars and over 600 hours of practical study in the studio under the guidance of 2nd Generation teachers will show you the path to the classical Pilates system.

After successful completion of the PSF Teacher training program, you will be a confident, competent 3rd Generation Pilates Teacher.

Now that’s something to be proud of.

Pilates Teacher Training Program

The Pilates Space Florida Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive 600-800 hr apprenticeship program. Our program is designed to develop your ability to be a teacher and lifestyle mentor for Pilates students of all ages and physical abilities. Through our program, you’ll will learn to safely teach the traditional Pilates method while applying safe spine protocols and progressive teaching methodology.

Extensive Training: Learn the traditional Pilates system using all GRATZ apparatus, including Mat, Universal Reformer, Cadillac, all chairs (inclusive of Arm chair), all barrels, Guillotine, Pedipole, and accessory apparatus like breath-a-sizer, foot corrector, and sandbag.

Safe Teaching Protocols: Emphasis on safe spine protocols and a progressive teaching methodology to ensure the well-being of your clients.

Hands-On Apprenticeship: Complete your training hours at Pilates Space Florida in Boca Raton, under the guidance of our Principal teachers.

Business Skills: Gain knowledge in marketing and client retention strategies to engage clients and grow a thriving Pilates practice.

Online Access: Benefit from our partnership with Benjamin Degenhardt’s 360° Pilates Trainee Access Program for an enhanced learning experience that complements your in-studio training.

Become a 3rd Generation teacher: your seminars will be taught by 2nd Generation teachers who studied directly with Romana. After successful completion of the PFS teacher training program, you will be a confident 3rd Generation Pilates Teacher.

Entry Requirements for the Comprehensive Program:

Applicants must demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in the original Pilates repertoire on Mat and Reformer.

Not quite there yet?! We offer discounted packages to bring your Pilates practice to a level that enables you to join the program.

Our program is structured as a continuous independent study program and can be started at any time.

Seminar Schedule

Accepting Applications for the 2024 Training Cycle

Foundation Seminar


Intermediate 1 Seminar


Intermediate 2 Seminar


Advanced Seminar


Pre-existing Conditions


Program Details

The training program consists of 5 weekend seminars and a monthly training schedule that will include:

5 Teacher Training Seminars

Private lessons and Group classes

Weekly meetings and monthly progress assessments

Observation hours

Paid teaching opportunities under the guidance


Applicants must demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in the original Pilates repertoire on Mat and Reformer.

Tuition and Application


Tuition does not include required weekly private lessons and required reading materials.

To Apply: Please submit your application, a recent resume, a picture, and an hour-sheet included, if hours were taken outside of Pilates Space Florida.

Contact us at 561-317-2835 or studio@pilatesspaceflorida.com to learn more about the unique learning experience we have to offer!

Interview and Assessment will be scheduled by invitation.

Teacher Training Program

Teacher showing an exercise with Magic Circle during a Pilates Mat Certification in Boca Raton FL

The Pilates Space Florida Mat Work Teacher Training Program is a course consisting of 2 Weekend seminars and a minimum of 25-hour apprenticeship hours. This program enables you to teach an Intermediate Level Mat work class incorporating the Magic circle and Hand weights.

Safe Teaching Protocols: You will learn to teach the traditional Pilates mat work exercises while applying safe spine protocols.

Stepping Stone to a Comprehensive Certification: Use the Mat Work course as your first step toward a Comprehensive Certification.

Local Teaching Opportunities: Graduates can teach classes at Fitness and Wellness centers, Gyms and Country Clubs and Resorts. or use this course as a stepping stone towards a Comprehensive Certification.

Local Hands-On Apprenticeship: All apprenticeship hours are to be taken at Pilates Space Florida in our Boca Raton location under the careful observation of our Principal teachers.

Program Details

The training program consists of:

2 Teacher Training Seminars

25 Apprentice/Observation Hours


25 traditional Mat or Tower classes including Mat work

Tuition and Application


To Apply: Please submit your application, a recent resume, a picture, and an hour sheet included, if hours were taken outside of Pilates Space Florida.

Interview and Assessment will be scheduled by invitation.

Pilates Program

BRidge Pilates teacher Training Program in Boca Raton and the Palm Beaches
Classical Pilates bridge program for Pilates teacher training and certification

Do you feel that your teaching is currently lacking?

You are unsure of how to really build a classical lesson plan and adjust the exercises if your client is injured?

You don’t know how to utilize certain pieces of apparatus such as the Guillotine, Arm chair, Toe or Foot corrector.

You are not able to give your clients a really deep workout and find yourself repeating the same cues over and over.

You recently discovered Authentic Pilates and are ready to fully immerse yourself in the teachings of Joseph Pilates


As a bridging student, you will complete the same seminars, exams and assignments as our first-time apprentices.

Bridging participants will usually be able to move through the program at an accelerated pace and should have already completed a comprehensive training program that included all major apparatus.




Completed a comprehensive teacher training program.


Please contact us to schedule an assessment to see if we are the right fit for you.


Not at all. Our training program program starts the day you are ready. From the day you are accepted, we start you on a weekly program of homework and required assignments. If you’re ready, you can start.

We recommend a minimum of 15-25 studio hours per week to ensure progress.

Not really. Some programs will not teach you on all of the apparatus that Joseph Pilates created nor will they teach you the complete Pilates Syllabus including the Foundational, full Intermediate and Advanced System. Some programs will allow shorter apprenticeships that do not follow a minimum requirement of 600 hours or some of the learning will happen via e-learning platforms. Our training happens in-studio only, always under the supervision of teachers with a minimum of 6 years of teaching experience. We pride ourselves in giving you a personal, well-rounded education that will develop you into a strong, confident teacher ready to teach classical Pilates to all ages and populations.

No teacher training program can legally confer upon you the title of “Certified” Pilates teacher or Instructor. In order to be a “Certified” Pilates teacher you must complete a qualified program such as ours and then sit for the independent third party exam administered by the Pilates Method Alliance if you choose to do so. Pilates Space Florida issues you a certificate of completion as a qualified Pilates Teacher after successful completion of the program.

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