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Pilates Continuing Education

Pilates Space Florida is proud to offer you learning opportunities with the most amazing Master teachers in the industry. Please check out the currently scheduled workshops below!

Benjamin Degenhardt

Nov 8-10, 2024

Benjamin Degenhardt will be presenting 2 unique 5-hour workshops and 3 Group classes at Pilates Space Florida!

Friday: 12 PM- 5 PM 

Pilates Chair: an in-depth review

This workshop explores and reviews the original exercise repertoire on the Wunda, High, and Arm Chair.
Looking at the original philosophies of the Pilates method via the design of the various Chairs and discussing original quotes by Joseph Pilates about these inventions, it will be a joyful dive into ways to make the practice on the chairs fun, seamless, and effective!

Cost for a single workshop: $400
Cost for both days: $750

Saturday: 12 PM -5 PM

Teaching Skills: breakdowns and progressions

How can we effectively progress our students through the Pilates system in a way that enhances skill-building, rather than just “performing” exercises? Throughout the workshop, we will take a look at the underlying concepts of common advanced exercises and the paths to build logical progressions that make teaching more complex exercises a breeze!

Cost for a single workshop: $400
Cost for both days: $750

Group Classes with Benjamin Degenhardt

Sunday: 10 AM

Mat class – $55

Sunday: 11.15 AM

Tower class – $65

Sunday: 12 pm (noon)

Reformer class – $65