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Experience the perfect balance of strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness with CoreAlign® training, designed to enhance your Pilates journey and revolutionize your fitness routine

CoreAlign® Memberships*

4 Private Lessons


8 Private Lessons


12 Private Lessons


Lesson Membership Perks*

Up to 10% off select workshops & special events

Up to 10% off all Boutique purchases

Discounts on select adjunct services

Access to private Nutrition & Wellness tune-up Facebook group

Worry-free month easy pay

Rollover of unused appointments, no expiration

* Pricing posted reflects a 12-month membership commitment, shorter terms are available.

What is CoreAlign®?

Part Strength. Part Mind. Part Cardio. Totally Unique!

CoreAlign® is unlike any other exercise system you have tried to increase cardiovascular exercise!

The fast-paced exercises and flow will give you a cardio kick and challenge major muscle groups. The rhythmical, posture and balance-enhancing exercises will remind you of the mind-body movements on the Reformer.

The core-centered exercises will test your strength in a unique way.

Clients at all fitness levels feel the difference in posture and gait after just one session.

The CoreAlign® method stimulates core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, very deep stretches and core-controlled aerobic training.

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