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Getting started with your new Pilates Lifestyle is Easy

Imagine an exercise program that you look forward to, that engages you, leaves you refreshed and alert with a feeling of physical and mental well-being.  Training at our studio will do all this…. and more! 

The transformation in the way your body looks, feels and performs will be profound.


Intro Private Session and Consultation

This appointment allows you to meet with us, see the studio, discuss your goals and schedule, and to get a feel for the “chemistry” here at Pilates Space Florida. Choose the most convenient location – Pilates Space Boca Raton or Pilates Space Boynton Beach. Intro sessions can be used for both Pilates (at both of our locations) and GYROTONIC® training (Boynton Beach location only.)

Certified Instructor
Studio Owner
*Intro lessons are reserved for local, year-round clients only.

3 Private Sessions

After your Intro Session, we recommend our Private Pilates or GYROTONIC® Training Sessions. These lessons will make a profound difference in how you look and feel! Let us help you to recharge your body and rejuvenate your mind.

Certified Instructor
Studio Owner
*Intro lessons are reserved for local, year-round clients only.

Transform Your Body

Your instructor will help you choose a membership that works for you. Authentic Pilates and GYROTONIC® practice as taught at Pilates Space Florida will help you achieve the following transformations in your body and life:

Stronger and more flexible body

Less back and neck pain

Enhanced athletic performance and body awareness

Improved posture and balance

Better sleep and more energy during the day

Feel at ease in your body!

Questions Before Getting Started?

Let Studio Owner Kerstin Korzekwa answer your fitness and wellness questions!

“I created Pilates Space Florida to bring first-class authentic Pilates Instruction and European-inspired Wellness services to Boca Raton and the Palm beaches. My team and I are always happy to assist you. Click here to contact me or submit the form below.”
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