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The Use of Springs in Pilates

When new clients visit the studio they sometimes wonder why we use springs in Pilates, not weights.

So, let’s shed some light on this:

Most people are familiar with the concept of using weights to increase muscle strength. You start out with a relatively light weight and as your body get stronger, you increase the weight.

Pilates uses spring resistance, but the springs are used in two ways: to assist and to resist. Some Pilates exercises use the springs to strengthen the muscles of the body by providing resistance, and the stronger you get, the greater the resistance you use. Other exercises use the springs to assist the body to perform a movement, so instead of resisting against the springs, you are using the assistance of the springs.

The springs help to move you through the exercise and the stronger you get the less spring assistance you will require. Pilates uses springs to give our muscles the resistance they can use to build strength and the assistance they can use to increase movement.