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Pilates… It’s All The Same, Right?!

Do you think you’ve already tried Pilates…at your local gym or at your country club?

Well, think again.

Did you know that the Pilates industry is not regulated?

There are innumerable, cheap programs around, and poorly trained instructors that have taken advantage of the outstanding reputation of Pilates.

You can even buy a certification off of the internet without ever having to demonstrate knowledge and teaching skills.

Working with a poorly trained instructor you may not get the benefits that Pilates promises, and you could even get hurt by working with inadequately trained instructors.

Be a Smart Pilates Consumer

Romana Kryzanowska is the world-renowned protégé of Joseph Pilates and has been teaching the method for nearly six decades.
Long ago Romana made a commitment to Joe and Clara Pilates to continue their life’s work, and Romana continues to deliver on that promise today by traveling the world and teaching the next generation of instructors.

Today Romana’ s Pilates® is run by Romana, her daughter Sari Meija- Santo and her granddaughter Daria Pace.

The Romana’s Pilates ® certification program involves working with every piece of apparatus and matwork in the system and working the whole body.

The apprenticeship entails a minimum of 600- 750 hours of training, observation, teaching and three sets of very demanding practical and written exams.

Romana’s Pilates® teachers learn the full Pilates repertoire up to the advanced system and have to demonstrate this knowledge.

After certification, teachers are required to participate in continuing education workshops to ensure quality and progression.

The quality and intensity of the learning is surpassed by none.

By choosing to train with a Romana’s Pilates® teachers you can be sure that your workout will be tailored to your individual needs and that your sessions will give you results.

So how do you find out if your instructor is truly certified by Romana?

Easy. Let them show you their certificate, Romana’s signature should be on the bottom.

You can also ask to see various continuing education seminar certificates to ensure that your teacher kept up with their training.

Pilates is not cheap. Be a smart consumer and make sure you are getting the best training possible.