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I would like to start right now. Do I have to wait for a basic seminar?
Not at all. Our training program program starts the day you are ready. From the day you are accepted we start you on a weekly program of homework and required assignments. If you’re ready, you can start.
How much studio time is required each week?
We recommend a minimum of 15-25 studio hours per week to ensure progress.
Aren't all classical programs the same?
Not really. Some programs will not teach you on all of the apparatus that Joseph Pilates created nor will they teach you the complete Pilates Syllabus including the Foundational, full Intermediate and Advanced System. Some programs will allow shorter apprenticeships that do not follow a minimum requirement of 600 hours or some of the learning will happen via e- learning platforms. Our training happens in- studio only, always under the supervision of teachers with a minimum of 6 years teaching experience. We pride ourselves in giving you a personal, well-rounded education that will develop you into a strong, confident teacher ready to teach classical Pilates to all ages and populations.
Will I be a Certified Pilates Teacher upon graduation from the program?
No teacher training program can legally confer upon you the title of “Certified” Pilates teacher or Instructor. In order to be a “Certified” Pilates teacher you must complete a qualified program such as ours and then sit for the independent third party exam administered by the Pilates Method Alliance if you choose to do so. Pilates Space Florida issues you a certificate of completion as a qualified Pilates Teacher after successful completion of the program.


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